Sunday, November 15, 2009

How To Change A Cmos Battery

First the safety rules

The inside of a computer is a bad place full of electricity and sharp edges.
On the electricity side always when working on you computer make sure that it’s still plugged in to the power socket and the power is turned off, this is to ensure that any static
From you is discharged through the earth. The inside of most computer cases are unfinished metal and has very sharp edges so be careful.

The first signs of a battery failing are:-

1) your clock starts running slowly
2) when you boot (start) your computer it has a problem finding your hardware (no hard drive, no cd rom)

To change the battery you need the following tools

1) a X-point screwdriver
2) an anti-static strap(optional)
3) a new battery (seems logical)

Then unplug all the cables from the back of the computer as you remove them make a note where they came from. (So when you finished you can put them back)

Move the computer somewhere where you can work on it with ease

Remove the cover by locating the screws around the outer edge (back) of the computer
Some computer cases only require you to remove 2 screws on one side then a panel can be removed allowing you access to the computers insides, others you must remove 6 screws and remove the whole case by sliding it to the rear and lifting it off.

Now make sure that you read the safety instructions about static.
Look inside you will see a round silver thing that looks about the size of a 10p piece (quarter). This is the battery itself, carefully lift the retaining clip and slide the battery out. That’s it removed now go to your local computer retailer, electrical retailer (Tandy/Radio shack) taking the old battery with you and get a new battery.

Back to your computer insert the new battery by lifting the clip and sliding the battery in.

Reinstall your case and plug all the cables back (you did remember to label them didn’t you)

Now for the fun part.

You will now need to go into you bios….

Right the bios is the god of your computer.

To access it, when your computer first starts you will see a black screen with white text.

If you look carefully you will see a line that says something like "press del for setup" or some other key (F2 or ESC or tab) this will take you to god's house where you can make lots of changes to the way your machine works.

It is also the place where you can make your nice computer in to a rather expensive door stop so be careful and don’t go playing with anything.

You will now be presented with a blue screen with a lot of options on it,
The one we want is load optimised/default settings.

Press the F10 key and type y the computer should now reboot.

If every thing went well then your computer will now be up and running.

Shizers way: Keep computer running. Lay it on it's side and remove side cover to expose MoBo. Take any thin object, "small screwdriver, knife point, wood shiskabob skewer. Pull back the battery retaining clip. Toss the old battery in the junk recepticle, unless you belong to greenpeace and want to save the earth. Install the new battery. No need to reset bios becasue the compter supplies voltage to the cmos while it is running. Reset or resync clock with internet. Done!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kill USB Viruses – Use AutorunEater

The most easiest way to get your computer infected with a computer virus is to use your friends USB on your computer. You just copied a few songs and got all the computer viruses and worms for free  

Ever wondered how does these virus “automatically” infect your computer as soon as you insert the USB? Well, its the magic of autorun.inf file in the USB drive. All the startup information of the virus is written in the autorun.inf file so that its the first program that runs when you insert the USB. You can read more about autorun.inf at this wikipedia page. 

But now there is no need to worry even if you don’t know the syntax of the autorun.inf files. You can use AutorunEater to protect your computer from these virus.

How To Use AutorunEater To Stop Viruses In Infected USB Drives?

1. Install it. Then right click on its icon in the notification area or system tray and click on Add Billy To System Startup option.

That’s it. Now AutorunEater will automatically start with Windows. It continuously scans all the removable drives just like an antivirus program scans your system files. As soon as you insert a USB drive, it will scan it for all the autorun.inf files and will prompt a warning window if a malicious autorun.inf file is found. You can then delete the file and the poor virus will never get a chance to infect your system  


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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Easy Remote Connection : TEAMVIEWER ;)

Many of you who is reading this blog are geeks or those who are willingly ready to help other regarding their PC problem.

I often came across the situation where i have to help my friends, once they face any problem regarding their pc.

But, going every1 place to fix their problem is not possible, so i always look for the remote applications by which i can fix their problem remotely.
The Software of the day “TEAMVIEWER” is one such software which let you remotely access anyone pc with his permission.
And the advantage of this software is that It’s everybody cup of tea. Easy to configure.

TEAMVIEWER is Simpe and fast solution to connect to any pc remotely. and it work behind any firewall or proxy.
With the first start, automatically ID’s are generated which is the unique ID for every pc.
Enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately.

It can also be used to control unattended server or system.Just install the software as service and it can also be used to shutdown or reboot.

It offers Secure and encrypted data, so that makes it reliable and secure.

The best part is It’s portable and zero configuration.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free PC-Tools Internet Security license for 1 year

Computer security is major concern for any PC user. Most of good antivirus are paid and charge a lot for the updates.

PC Tools, one of the best websites for PC users is providing Internet-Security-2009 Antivirus for free for a full 12 month period!!

Hurry up and follow the below procedure to get the Antivirus for free.

1) Go to www.pctools.com/wbc

2) Fill the Sign-Up form.

3) Check your mailbox for the confirmation method and activate your account from the confirmation mail.

4) After you have verified your account, you will get a mail which will give details about your Free license.

5) Download Internet-Security from www.pctools.com/internet-security

6) Last but not the least Install the antivirus, copy & paste the license key and the antivirus is yours for free for a full period of 12 months.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

100 strangest unexplained mysteries ebook

This ebook 100 strangest mysteries is 100 Strangest Mysteries is an amazing compendium of the weird and the wonderful. The range of entries is extraordinary, from the bizarre to the horrific, and from the spooky to the just plain confounding.
The book includes some of history’s most astounding tales of the strange and supernatural, and tells in vivid detail the story of both events and the people involved,the impact of particular myths and beliefs, and the latestinvestigations being undertaken in an attempt to find answers to the world’s most bewildering phenomena. The text is complemented by 100 photographs and illustrations.100 Strangest Mysteries is a gripping and compelling account of some of the most baffling and astonishing events and is sure to shock and amaze in equal measure.

Some Contents Are Here:



Stone Circles at Castlerigg









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Create Your Own Radio Easily

Online or Internet radio is an audio broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet.Internet radio services are usually accessible from anywhere in the world.
This tutorial is to teach how to make your own online radio which you can operate from your own PC.

Instructions ::

1. Download Winamp by going to the Winamp site.
2. Download the SHOUTcast Radio DSP plug-in for Winamp and install it.


3. Now go to http://listen2myradio.com/ and sign up for a free account, and verify it.

4. Now sign in and and chose any server you like as your radio server.

5. Now go to "radio installation" option.

6. And enter these:-

broadcaster password:
admin password:
radio name:
radio url:

NOTE- Keep broadcaster password, admin password same as your account password. it will be better.

7. Now after installing. scroll down and again choose server which you selected earlier or any other server!

8. Now wait For Some Time till Your servers work!

9. Now click on "Turn on/off" Option and Turn on your Radio. [You may have to repeat this step few more times to start it]

10. Now if it is on, Open any song with winamp.

11. Now press Ctrl+P and a Window will Open in Winamp.

12. Now Go To "Plug-ins >> DSP/Effect " and double click "Nullsoft SHOUTcast source DSP v1.9.1 [dsp_sc.ddl]

13. Now Go To "Output >> Connection" And Fill 'Address' & 'Port' as Given in your "listen2myradio.com" account.

14. Now Go To "Output >> Yellopages" and fill 'URL' and other information.

15. Now Go To "Encoder" And select MP3 encoder and select 24kbp/s or 32kbp/s [according to your net speed].

16. Now Go To "output" and see the status it should be showing that it is sending some bytes.

[NOTE - if u don't see this or see disconnected then check if your radio status is on or not and if then also you see this jus recheck address and port and password.]

17. If you have done till here now log on to listen2myradio and go to that url which you gave in "radio installation". Now it will show that wait for 5 seconds and then it will start playing!

18. Now if it does not plays and shows ready then check your encoder stings it must be mp3.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

9 Methods of More Fast Computer ;)

Your computer running Windows isn’t running in the same speed that it used to run when you first used it. It’s slower, crappy, takes a while to start and tests your patience like anything. There are many reasons for this, let’s try fixing up a few things on your slow Windows PC:

Slow Start Up

There can be a variety of reasons to Windows loading slow during start up. Go to Run, type msconfig and hit enter. Under the ‘Start Up’ tab, uncheck the unwanted programs and press OK. Things should be a bit fine the next time Windows boots.

Another program worth mentioning here is StartUp Delayer which will help in setting after how much time programs should be loaded after Windows boots. For instance, you could set your instant messenger program to load 50 seconds after Windows starts up.

Slow Loading Start Menu
If the Start Menu items are loading slowly, you can open the Registry Editor by typing in the Run menu ‘regedit.exe’ and pressing Enter. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop. Look for MenuShowDelay, and double click to edit the value. The lower the number specified, the faster the Start Menu will load.

Slow Right Click Context Menu
Probably the Windows Right Click menu on your computer is loading slow because too many programs added unwanted entries there. Just download this program called Mmm, install it and then modify your context menu to remove unwanted items to speed it up.

'Send To' Menu Slow Send To Menu
If the Send To menu loads slowly, you can type ’sendto’ in the Run Dialog, and remove unwanted items in the Explorer Window that appears. This should add some speed to it.

Slow Defragmentation
The Windows Defragmenter can’t get any slower. You need to have an alternative to the Windows Defragmenter, and Defraggler is just one of the best ones available in the market. It’s free, and works like a charm and can speed up defragmentation manifold.

Slow loading My Computer Window
my-computer.jpg If the My Computer Window loads slowly, in the Explorer Window, go to Tools >> Folder Options >> View and uncheck ‘Automatically search for network folders and printers”

Slow loading Add or Remove Programs Applet
This is one of the most annoying piece of programs present in Windows, it takes ages to load if you have a considerable number of programs installed on your computer. You can either use the all-in-one CCleaner for this purpose, or get MyUninstaller that comes as a speedy replacement for Add or Remove Programs.

Slow Ending of Unresponsive Programs
If you’ve clicked on ‘End Task’ if any program is running unresponsive, you might have noticed that the program is not terminated immediately. You can alter this by going to Run >> regedit.exe >> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\ and change this value to 1000.

Disable Animations and Appearance Overhauls to maximize performance
If you’re a serious performance junkie, you probably won’t bother about eyecandy. Go to System Properties in the Control Panel. Click ‘Advanced’, then ‘Performance’ and click ‘Adjust for best performance’. This might boost your PC’s performance up a bit.

+Plus Instructions : 

- Always keep your computer clean. Remove Junk and Unnecessary registry entries. Use CCleaner for this purpose, one excellent tool that just does what it says.

- Don’t keep installing software. Install a program only if it really serves you a purpose.

- Keep as less programs as possible running on the System Tray. This essentially means reducing the number of programs that start during Windows start up.

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