Saturday, July 4, 2009

Easy Remote Connection : TEAMVIEWER ;)

Many of you who is reading this blog are geeks or those who are willingly ready to help other regarding their PC problem.

I often came across the situation where i have to help my friends, once they face any problem regarding their pc.

But, going every1 place to fix their problem is not possible, so i always look for the remote applications by which i can fix their problem remotely.
The Software of the day “TEAMVIEWER” is one such software which let you remotely access anyone pc with his permission.
And the advantage of this software is that It’s everybody cup of tea. Easy to configure.

TEAMVIEWER is Simpe and fast solution to connect to any pc remotely. and it work behind any firewall or proxy.
With the first start, automatically ID’s are generated which is the unique ID for every pc.
Enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and the connection is established immediately.

It can also be used to control unattended server or system.Just install the software as service and it can also be used to shutdown or reboot.

It offers Secure and encrypted data, so that makes it reliable and secure.

The best part is It’s portable and zero configuration.

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