Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kill USB Viruses – Use AutorunEater

The most easiest way to get your computer infected with a computer virus is to use your friends USB on your computer. You just copied a few songs and got all the computer viruses and worms for free  

Ever wondered how does these virus “automatically” infect your computer as soon as you insert the USB? Well, its the magic of autorun.inf file in the USB drive. All the startup information of the virus is written in the autorun.inf file so that its the first program that runs when you insert the USB. You can read more about autorun.inf at this wikipedia page. 

But now there is no need to worry even if you don’t know the syntax of the autorun.inf files. You can use AutorunEater to protect your computer from these virus.

How To Use AutorunEater To Stop Viruses In Infected USB Drives?

1. Install it. Then right click on its icon in the notification area or system tray and click on Add Billy To System Startup option.

That’s it. Now AutorunEater will automatically start with Windows. It continuously scans all the removable drives just like an antivirus program scans your system files. As soon as you insert a USB drive, it will scan it for all the autorun.inf files and will prompt a warning window if a malicious autorun.inf file is found. You can then delete the file and the poor virus will never get a chance to infect your system  


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