Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five Rapidshare Search Way

Rapidshare is a file hosting goldmine if you know how to search it properly. There are basically two ways to do that. First, you can use Google search parameters to search Rapidshare. Several websites offer a basic search interface that does nothing more than to add the parameters to your searches and display the Google search results. Then there is a different kind of website that has its own database and performs searches using it.

The second kind of site tends to be more up to date because they use several sources for finding new Rapidshare files including user submitted ones. I do not like the first kind of sites to search Rapidshare that much because I can enter those parameters by myself into a search engine like Google and get the desired results.

To be able to compare the Rapidshare search engines I have performed searches for the terms “video”, “avi” and “windows”. Finding files is one thing but finding working files on file hosting websites and keeping the file database up to date deleting files that have been removed from the file hosting website properly is another. This has also been born in mind. 

I did check three results for each search term, namely the first, fifth and tenth entry to see if the links were not broken.

A basic search engine and site that does nothing more than to offer a search form and a results page


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